Carol Montealegre (Bogotá, Colombia) is a performer, video artist and filmmaker. She works with mixed media and analog film for the development of site-specific work.

While studying Anthropology, she discovered contemporary dance by chance and felt the need to fuse the visual arts with the body. Through her training in contact dance, improvisation and physical theater, she realized that she wanted to develop a conceptual and experimental approach to movement. In 2010, she studied in Mexico receiving an MA in visual arts for her thesis The permanency of the ephemeral in which she sought to rescue the existential sense of time as an experience of a permanent present that tends to be forgotten in our becoming and remembering. Performance is a potent force in that reconciliation.

In her work, she desires to create an experience of how life may be transformed in present tense into multiple mutations, creating unexpected images in the process. She considers art a tool to connect the banal with the profound, breaking the boundaries in between. Through movement and tension it is possible to transform the space and to insert new realities into the landscapes where actions develop. 

Bringing dreamed images into the material world, she looks for how to connect conscious with subconscious and live the performance experience as a unity of both, creating surrealistic images out of nothing.

Her work has been performed on the street, in art festivals, in galleries globally, as well as other non-conventional spaces such as apartments, parks and warehouses.



MA Visual Arts

UNAM, (eng.: National Autonomous University of Mexico) México City, México.

BA Anthropology

Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá, Colombia.


2018 In&Out [Film] Selected to be screened at the TransFormations Trans film Festival Werkstatt Der Kulturen Berlin
Berlin, Germany

2018 Body to Body [Film] Selected to be screened at the Body Landscapes Performance Art Festival
Verdens Kultur Centret
Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 Commission Grant for the Vest & Page intensive workshop

Atelier Performative Künste Düsseldorf, Germany

2017 Blind Engagement article publication Emergency INDEX Vol. 6

Commission Grant for the Project Grant Artists Residence

Buffalo, NY

2016 Commission Grant for the Toy District Artist Residence

Los Angeles, California

2016 Commission Grant for the Artist Residence, Guapamacátaro Art & ecology Center
Performance art curated by Dino Dinco
Maravatio Michoacán, Mexico 2016

2015 Commission Grant for the Artist Residence IPA Bristol 2015

International Performance Association Bristol UK

2012 Scholarship from UNAM for studying the Master program in Arts & Design .
UNAM, Mexico.

2012 Winner of Commission Grant from UNAM for the Pocha Nostra Summer School

Performance International Workshop Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico

2011 Winner of Commission Grant Performance: Be Still.

International Art Festival Cerro de Arena. México City, Mexico.

2009 Scholarship CEC (Centro de Experimentación Coreográfica). Dance Workshop of Danza integrada.

Danza Común School. Bogotá, Colombia.

2009 Scholarship CEC (Centro de Experimentación Coreográfica). Dance Workshop of Cuerpo y voz.

Danza Común School. Bogotá, Colombia.


2018 Once Upon a Time (...) Habia una vez (Performance)

Collaboration with Eric Hoegemeyer La Woman Variette
Espacio Altazor. Bogota, Colombia

2017 Shame and Exposure (Performance)
IPA 2017 International Performance association Quartair. The Hague, Netherlands

2017 Duel (Performance)
Collaboration with Gamze Ozturk Holaa Festival – Hoogtiji opening
Het Nutshuis. The Hague, Netherlands

2017 The Heavy Air /the Heavi_er Sculpture Performance/ Still Life/ Action

P.A.S. # 55 Performance Art Studies Quartair. The Hague, Netherlands

2017 Our Roots Will Break Your Walls (performance)

Collaboration with Eric Hoegemeyer PS-This is Live: The poetic of Performance Art Quartair. The Hague, Netherlands

2017 Telemission [Somnambulist Films]

Collaboration with Paula Chavez and Eric Hoegemeyer Amsterdam, Netherlands /Brooklyn NY

2017 Body to Body [Somnambulist Films]

Collaboration with Eric Hoegemeyer Berlin, Germany

2017 Love Will Make Us Free [Somnambulist Films] Collaboration with Eric Hoegemeyer

Battery Park NYC, NY

2017 The Warm in Black [Somnambulist Films]

Collaboration with Eric Hoegemeyer Andes, NY

2017 Finding Stars in the Snow [Somnambulist Films]

Collaboration with Eric Hoegemeyer Andes, NY

2016 Mass Media Disaster (Performance and noise)

Collaboration with Eric Hoegemeyer Miami Florida

2016 On the Edge (Super 8 Film)

Project Grant Artist Residence Collaboration with Tina Dillman Buffalo, NY

2016 Blind Engagement (Durational Performance for Film)

Collaboration with Luis Guizar, Marissa Magdalena, Marshall Astor, Eric Hoegemeyer Los Angeles, California

2016 War Storyteller Experiment (performance Art)

Alewife Bar New York, New York

2016 The Primary Hole (Performance)

Guapamacataro Art & Ecology Center Maravatio Michoacan, Mexico

2016 Two Kinds of Space, about domestication (Performance)

Guapamacataro Art & Ecology Center Maravatio Michoacan, Mexico

2016 Ai Cosita! (Performance)
Morelos Theater, Maravatio de Ocampo Maravatio Michoacan, Mexico

2016 The Spell of the Forest (Performance)

Guapamacataro Art & Ecology center Maravatio Michoacan, Mexico

2016 Inmersion (Video Performance)
Collaboration with Leo Kay and Julian Zuluaga Mexico City, Mexico

2015 Dialog Between Bodies (Performance)

Mexico City, Mexico

2015 Silence. (Performance)
Alice Salomon University. Berlin Germany

2015 Believe (performance)

IPA Artist residence. The Arnolfini, Bristol UK

2015 The Weight Inside the Vacuum (Durational Performance) IPA Artist Residence. Bristol, UK

2015 H in Mars (video edition taken from the performance: Humans Under Red Influence)

2015 Humans Under Red Influence (13 minutes happening)

collaboration Marcela Varela, Lorena Barquet, Yecid Calderon, Victoria Nieto

Private performance for jury at Academia de San Carlos. Mexico City, Mexico

2014 Zwischenspiel (Sound piece)

Collaboration with sound artist Diana Castro 1 Mayordomía de Performance Sonoro: Pájaros en el Alambre Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca. México

2014 Entfesselt / Desatada (performance installation)

Performatica international Festival Cholula, Puebla. México

2013 How Many Times Have You Fucked Me? (Performance/ Installation)

Academia de San Carlos, Extra 4 International Performance Art Festival
Mexico City, Mexico

2013 Between the Bizarre and the Extraordinary. (Performance Jam).

Panoply performance laboratory space. Brooklyn, New York

2013 Zarnu-MikroFlora. (Installation/Performance) Sala galería Roberto Garibay, Academia de San Carlos. Mexico city, Mexico.

2013 Metá= Tras, mas allá (Performance)

Tertulia Performativa a cargo La Pocha Nostra y Guillermo Gomez Peña. Mexico City, Mexico

2012 Untitled (Durational Performance)
Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo MUAC Mexico City, Mexico.

2012 Born in Captivity. (Performance/Installation)
Centro cultural universitario Casa del lago Juan Jose Arreola Mexico City, Mexico

2012 Red Couch (Video performance)
Muestra de Video Experimental y arte sonoro. Unidad de Vinculacion artística UVA. Mexico City, Mexico

2012 In & Out (A dentro A fuera) (Video performance)

PerfoArtNet. International Video performance Art Festival NY, NY; Madrid, España; Bogotá, Colombia.

2011 Be Still. (Performance/Installation)

International Arts Festival Cerro de Arena Tlatelolco, México City.

2011 Experience # 47. (Performance)

Performance Show CORP Centro Cultural José Martí México City, Mexico.

2011 Hot Sunday. (Performance)

Corazón Seguro Project – “Cuerpos Manifiestos” by Lorena Wölffer. Alameda de Bellas Artes, México City.

2011 In the Garden. (Performance)

Espacio X Arte Gallery. Corredor Roma- Condesa. Mexico City, Mexico.

2011 Informed of Atrocities. (Performance)

Outside Tlatelolco Subway Station. México City, Mexico.

2010 Your Hand On My Face. (Performance)

Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico City, Mexico.

2010 Danger Passenger. (Street Performance)

San Pablo Street Mexico City, México.

2010 Crust. (Performance)
Final Work of Artistic Residence. Residencia en la Tierra Montenegro Quindío, Colombia.

2010 Choke. (Performance)

- with Margarita Quiceno Festival Internacional de Teatro Alternativo. Bogota, Colombia.

2009 Choke. (Performance)

with Margarita QuicenoFestival Invisible de Performance. Casa SIAM. Bogota, Colombia.


2013 Voz Arroz (By Rebeca Medina) The Launch Pad

Brooklyn NY, EEUU

2013 Ritual (By Julian Zuluaga)

Brooklyn NY, EEUU

2012 Phantom Power (By Cristina Ochoa) Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum

Mexico City, Mexico

2012 Tightrope (By 2Boys.TV, Canada) Laboratorio de Arte Alameda

Mexico City, Mexico.

2011 Antimemorias: Enmiendas publicas (By Lorena Wölffer, Mexico) Zocalo
Mexico City, Mexico.

2011 Nombrala. (By Lorena Wölffer, Mexico) Subway Station Intervention

Mexico City, Mexico.

2010 Bull Dance. (By My Barbarian Group, LA) Museo del Eco.

Mexico City, Mexico.